Google novelties: Pixelbook, Google Home Mini and Daydream revealed in advance

Google novelties: Pixelbook, Google Home Mini and Daydream revealed in advance

The cat is faster out of the sack than Google would like. The Droid-Life site has been enriched by extensive preliminary information on the novelties, which are only to be presented on the 4th of October. Next to Pixel 2 (XL) are the Pixelbook, the Google Home Mini and a new Daydream VR glasses.

The Pixelbook is Google’s new premium Chromebook Chromebook, which follows the Chromebook pixel and second-generation Chromebook pixels. According to Droid-Life, Google will offer the pixelbook in the color silver in three memory configurations with 128, 256 and 512 GB at prices of 1.199, 1.399 and 1.749 US dollars before taxes. In Germany the Chromebook pixels could not be purchased so far.

As a novelty, the Pixelbook is to fold into a tablet and for the first time to be operated by Stylus. The pin is called Google Pixelbook Pen and will offer it as an optional accessory for 99 US dollars before taxes. The stylus and / or the pixelbook should be able to recognize the tilt angle as well as the pressure intensity and work without delay.

Small smart speaker

The Google Home Mini is to be a compact version of the Google Home smartphone, which is only recently available on the German market. As far as the large model is concerned, the full capabilities of the Google Assistants should be accessible. However, due to the smaller design, the sound and echo dot of Amazon (Test) are expected to be a shallow sound.

LEDs on the top of the loudspeaker are designed to provide visual feedback for inquiries. According to the pictures, Google plans for variants of the Home Mini in dark gray, chalk white and coral red. The price is expected to be $ 49 before tax.

VR glasses goes into round two

Third product in a bundle is a new version of the VR glasses Daydream View (Test), in which a smartphone with Daydream certification has to be inserted – for example the Pixel 2 (XL). Information on the technical features of the new model is not yet available, but the price increased from 79 to 99 US dollars before taxes, but suggests improvements over the first generation.

The new model is very similar to the first, but the new Daydream View leaves a slightly more stable, more robust impression. The small controller is again included in the scope of delivery , according to Droid-Life.



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