iOS-11 in the Test: For the iPad and memory is not that good for iPhones

iOS 11 im Test: Für iPads und volle Speicher, nicht für kleine iPhones

tl;dr: Today, the Update to iOS 11. Supports all iPhones and iPads with 64-Bit SoC. New features in the UI, there is, in particular, for the iPad. And who uses a lot of messages with iMessage, you can delete finally attachments specifically. Owners of smaller 4-inch iPhones get, however, repeated problems of space.

Table of contents
1This iPhones, iPads and iPods get iOS 11
SoCs and Apps with 32-Bit fly out
First unfamiliar steps
For the first time with Screen Recording
Multi-Tasking on steroids for the iPad
Place anxiety on 4-inch iPhones
2Endlich attachments in iMessage delete
HEIF and HEVC instead of JPEG and H. 264
AirPlay 2, ARKit, etc., etc.
Which innovations stand out?
The first findings of the Community (Update)
These iPhones, iPads and iPods get iOS 11

Apple provides the free Update to iOS 11 all users with iPhone, iPad, or iPod with 64-Bit processor. Typically, Apple starts between 18:00 and 19:00 German time with the distribution of the Updates.

To iOS 10, only the iPhone 5 and the based on the iPhone 5c and the iPad 4. Generation of the list. The iPhone 5 with the Apple A6 and the iPad 4. Generation, Apple A6X are both from the year 2012, the iPhone 5c as the iPhone 5 in a plastic robe from the year 2013.

To Start the new iPhone 8 (Plus) and at the beginning of November the new iPhone X. come with iOS 11 next Friday

SoCs and Apps with 32-Bit fly out

With iOS, not only the devices with a 32-Bit SoC, however, left applications without 64-Bit Code will be obsolete. Since iOS 10, Apple indicates when you call 32-Bit applications sporadically to the fact that the App may run slowly, and by the developer must be revised. Could you call the user, you then but still. With iOS 11 the conclusion is: The Start will not be denied, because he is technically not even possible. The data are usually lost.


Was introduced in 64-Bit with the Apple A7 in the iPhone 5s and iOS 7 in 2013. Apple has made the switch from 32 to 64 Bit so that within only four years.

First unfamiliar steps

Who uses iOS 11 as a Beta, has many of the superficial adjustments to iOS 10 already internalized. To do this, once again, slightly different animations when you Switch on include, for example, or Opening and Closing Apps. Immediately after the Update, you fall. This also applies to the return of the bar-view to illustrate the quality of the network. Seven years after the #Antennagate of the time is obviously ripe for it.

The new control center is customizable

The largest optical and functional break-up with iOS 10 will take place in the everyday life of most users, but in the control center. This is now again one-sided and can be adjusted within limits: The seven on the head is arranged in the standard functions, such as the Overview of the networks, the Media Player and Lighter/Darker are set, including the user. on the settings but the selection of other functions Only x × 4 + 1 function can be selected, with only one icon in the last row, however, is strange. About 3D Touch, or with time offset – longer Keep the surfaces of the advanced features can be call.

For more on the first view visible changes relate to custom icons for iTunes and the App Store, and Apple Maps with the new Campus in the UFO Design. Who wants to App to move icons or delete, is excited about the opportunity to finally even the iBook Store from start screen, wipe. This App had except for Apple of the new Option in iOS 10.

Live Photos the Standard, QR Codes are understood

Anyone who takes in a lot of classical photos, but out of habit, not every Time the settings checked, which was, in turn, said that the Live Photo is after the Installation of iOS 11 in any case, re-active by default and must be manually disabled. Live Photos with loops, Bounce-effect and the long-time exposure new features. In addition, you can now define which recording of the Live Photos to be used as a still image. For the first time from the camera to the QR-Codes are understood.

For the first time with Screen Recording

All of the Screenshots and the short Videos in this report were created with the new possibilities of iOS 11. Screenshots will be displayed after the Create (home button + On/Off switch), more recently, even for a short time as a Thumbnail in the lower-left corner of the screen and can be edited after a finger tip to it without going the photos App.

A new optional Button in the control center can be created in addition, but now for the first time, Videos of the user interface without (previously not tolerated) third-party Apps, or Lightning Dongle. The recording starts with three seconds delay, so that only at the end of the recording, the Stop recording, the Video should be cut.

Multi-Tasking on steroids for the iPad

In everyday use, especially iPad owners with a serious new features will come in iOS 11 in contact. This starts with the presentation of the new Docks edge to be detached from the display, runs on its free configuration, with significantly more Apps and culminates in the new Multi-Tasking possibilities, including a Drag’n’Drop on the window borders.

As of macOS usual, users can configure in iOS 11 Desktops with multiple Apps running and with the to double-click on the home button is no longer the well-known App-Close-view, but an Overview of all open Apps, including their arrangement in the Multi-window desktop. This is the Desktop operating system formerly known as Exposé and today, Mission Control known since time immemorial.

The text and images in iOS 11 for the first time, with the Finger of a window on the screen in the other copy, alternatively you can be on the taskbar in a non-active Apps are stored. This content can also be used in the batch copy: to transfer Multiple photos from Apple photos in iMessage no Problem.

The new possibilities can also be in the new App Files. On the application of Apple changes the mobile operating system a rudimentary Explorer/Finder that can integrate, in addition to the locally stored files, including data from iCloud Drive or other configured Cloud providers.


More uses for the Apple Pencil

Without detours into more situations to use the Apple Pencil. About the new feature “direct comments” can be provided created the Screenshots or PDF files directly to take notes with Pen and tap on the lock screen, the user switches to the notes view, you can create without detours records.

Place anxiety on 4-inch iPhones

iOS 11 relies in many Places on the larger fonts. Obviously this is the most in the new App Store, but also in other applications such as Mail or iMessages stinging Headlines such as “news” is much stronger. On large devices, the falls and can get on your nerves, on 4-inch iPhones by the new rendering in addition to required space requirement, however, is relatively large.

After several weeks with iOS 11, the difference is noticeable only in direct comparison to the beginning of the loss of Clarity, however, clearly perceptible – and this underlying fact will not change after acclimation. Space looks different.

The Media Player and 4.0 inches are not compatible

There are, in turn, shrunk the controls that cause problems: In the control center, it is difficult on an iPhone SE in spite of Exercise with the device still on, press the media control Play or Pause to rewind without accidentally.

The small devices, such as the currently still offered iPhone and support iPhone 5s suffer here, unquestionably, under the focus of the development for the larger Display Diagonal. But only two of the eleven still supported iPhones.

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