Takeover rumors: Stock exchange in Taiwan is trading HTC shares

Takeover rumors: Stock exchange in Taiwan is trading HTC shares

The stock market in Taiwan announced today after the stock market closing, the share of HTC from Thursday starting from the trade from the trade, since the announcement of price-relevant information by HTC imminent. The China Times had previously reported that the takeover of the smartphone division by Google was spruchreif.

The employees will hear something on Thursday

In the off-exchange trading market, the share then declined by 25 percent. Opposite investors told HTC regarding the media report, no comment on the rumors and speculation to want to give. Evan Blass , however, has reported from an employee of the company that HTC has called the employees for Thursday to make an announcement.

According to the same person, this should be the announcement of the takeover of some parts of the company by Google. To which exactly, the source says nothing. But the takeover of the smartphone division or a large investment for a secured strategic partnership are considered likely.

This time, Google is not likely to target patents

It would be the second time after the takeover of Motorola Mobility for 12.5 billion US dollars in 2011 that Google buys a developer and maker of smartphones. At that time, however, the company was primarily concerned with patents to be more proactive in the patent dispute with Apple by Android – in 2014, Google Motorola finally for $ 2.91 billion back to Lenovo.

This time, HTC’s development and manufacturing experience is likely to be the backdrop. Because with the introduction of the first smartphone ” Made by Google ” end of 2016 in the form of the pixel (XL) and the upcoming reissue pixel 2 (XL), it is clear that Google also sees in the development (and production) own smartphones a future. With HTC, the manufacturer has worked closely for years, the new Pixel 2 will come back from Taiwan.

Declining smartphone sales are not caught

HTC, in the smartphone market, the largest stand of the company, has recently come into difficult water. In the high-end market dominate Samsung and Apple, entry-level and middle-class smartphones are offered in particular by Chinese suppliers at reasonable prices. In order to gain a foothold in the smartphone market, HTC is also trying out its own top-notch models like the U11 (test) with production orders for Google. But the Group continues to write losses. HTC has developed a second stand in cooperation with Valve over the VR glasses Vive. The Group could continue to do business under its own name after a takeover of the smartphone division.



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