Linux: Linux supports Librem-5-Smartphone

Linux: Gnome unterstützt Librem-5-Smartphone

The Gnome Foundation would like to support Purism in the creation of the open-Librem-5-Smartphones with end-to-end encryption in case of successful financing. Already a week ago, KDE promised, Plasma-Mobile would be ready to be at the Librem 5.

Also the Gnome developers are, therefore, the cooperation with the company Purism in the project, with the Librem 5, the first free and open Smartphone with end-to-end to create encryption, interested. The Board of Directors of the Foundation, Neil McGovern announced on the Gnome news page now.

Gnome brings to the experience

He said that Gnome developers have already experience with the problems that can occur in the creation of open mobile platforms. You have already worked on devices such as the Nokia 770, N800, and N900, the XO Laptop of the One-Laptop-Per-Child project, and the OpenMoko Neo1973. If the Librem 5 reality will be the developers, the GNOME-Shell to the Hardware platform of the Librem 5.

Plasma Mobile is already capable of running

Already about a week ago, the KDE project says its work on the project. KDE has Plasma Mobile is already on a mobile platform. This is not suitable for everyday use, but on a variety of Smartphones such as the Nexus, 5X run install. About a month after the successful financing, will be made known to Purism, such as the operating system for the Librem 5.

30,000 US-dollars per day

However, you must contribute first, the swarm of financing, which currently runs on the Purism-website, a total of US $ 1.5 million. 32 days before the end of the campaign 562.807 dollars or 37,52% of the total pledged. In the remaining 32 days of the $ 30,000 to be pledged, to reach the final total. In the last few days this sum was reached or exceeded. For the participants in the campaign, the Librem 5 599 US Dollar is worth and will be delivered starting in January 2019.



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