iPhone 8 Teardown: the Smaller the battery and the coil for wireless Charging

iPhone 8 Teardown: Kleinerer Akku und Spule für drahtloses Laden

At the start of sales of the iPhone 8 at the present day, iFixit has taken the Smartphone apart and illuminated, once again, the inner life of the new iPhone. It is revealed, among other things, that the battery capacity of 1960 mAh (7,45 Wh) is like the iPhone 7 to 1.821 mAh (6,96 WHr) in the iPhone 8.

Small Changes and less seals in the inner life

On the battery life, this should change nothing, since the new A11-Bionic-SoC goes according to Apple, more energy-efficient than the predecessor. In principle, the inner life of the iPhone 8 is revealed anyway little Surprises compared to its predecessor – the components have a very similar arrangement as with the iPhone 7, which, however, was not to be expected. Belongs to the marginal Changes, for example, that the Taptic Engine has an additional bracket and the antenna cable runs in the iPhone 8 about the speakers along. It is striking, however, is that the iPhone 8 seal rings are missing on the display screws, which are installed in the iPhone 7. Both Smartphones, however, have an identical IP67 certification. Why can not seal well, is not evident at first glance.


Less special screws for better Repairability

Positive iFixit evaluates that Apple screws some of the special against normal Phillips has replaced screws. So, for example, the cable of the display unit in the iPhone 8 will not screw with special on the main Board, which improves the reparability of the iPhone 8. The battery life of the Apple is fixed in the new iPhone, however, with four instead of two adhesive strips. Nevertheless, it was during Disassembly, remove and with sufficient expertise to replace them.


LTE Modem from Qualcomm

X-ray images of the iPhone 8 also show the in the back of the built-in coil for the wireless Charging of the smartphone, the Apple support with the iPhone 8, for the first time. The Modem is a Qualcomm MDM9656 Snapdragon X16 LTE Modem comes in to the Australian model of iFixit, the iPhone 7 stuck, depending on the model, the Qualcomm MDM9645M LTE Modem. iFixit do not call it explicitly, it would have to be disassembled iPhone 8 however, the model A1863, which is not sold in Germany, but for the USA, Australia and China. In other models, could be as with the iPhone 7, a Modem from Intel installed. The different performance of the LTE Modems had taken care of the iPhone 7 for some vertebrae.

Rumors, Apple could put in the new iPhone is not fully on Intel, have not proved to be true.



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