winSIM: LTE All of 2 GB for two months for free ” News

winSIM LTE All 2 GB Of winSIM LTE All 2 GB of the action is due to a basic price relief from two months. The offer costs from the third month cheap 7,99 Euro per month.

winSIM LTE All 2 GB

In the online shop of winSIM LTE All 2 GB can be booked for a short period of time with a base price of liberation. This is for two months in which interested parties the Tariff without monthly package price. This is omitted in the fourth and fifth month and is for a term of 24 months, cheap 7,99 Euro.

In the price of a voice-flat in all German networks and a mobile data flat, with 2 GB volume, and the maximum LTE speeds of 50 Mbit/s are included. After Reaching the volume limit for a data auto is used, which is declared as a fixed tariff part. An SMS costs a uniform 9 cents to all German networks.

LTE Tariff with Free months

The notice period is, as usual, three months to the end of the term. Not terminated with due notice, be extended to the LTE-Tariff for a further year. In addition, a foreign package from the EU countries, free of charge, to Germany and the EU on the phone. Switzerland is included. In addition, the use in other EU countries are available for the mobile data 500 MB.


Those who have an existing telephone number, receive an AC bonus in the amount of 10 Euro. The one-off connection price is 14,99 Euro.

Under the promotional fare can be booked.


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