iPhone 8 and X Benchmark: Galaxy S8 and Co have no chance

iPhone X in two colorsiPhone 8 fastest smartphone – As soon as a new Android smartphone is presented to the medium and upper class, benchmarks with peak values ​​are circulating. When Apple presents a new iPhone, this almost always refers to the Android competition on rear seats. This year, too, because the new A11 chip in the iPhone 8 sets new performance standards.

iPhone 8: Benchmark reveals details

Just before the launch of the new iPhone 8 models first benchmarks filtered through, which not only revealed technical details, but also confirmed the phenomenal performance of the new Apple A11 processor.

Aus dem Datenblatt eines AnTuTu-Bench geht hervor, dass das iPhone 8 mit einem 6-Kerne-Chip und 2 Gigabyte RAM ausgerüstet ist, das iPhone 8 Plus mit 3 GB RAM. Ein aktueller Test verweist alle bisherigen Android-Spitzeneiter in ihre Schranken. Das iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus und iPhone X erreichten Spitzenwerte.

Benchtests with iPhone 8 and X: competition no chance

In current benchmarks, smartphones from Samsung (Galaxy S8), Huawei (P10) or Xiaomi (Mi 6) are mostly at the front line and have more memory than the iPhone 8 (Plus) or iPhone X. A new AnTuTu benchmark with the current iPhone models running and shows the tremendous performance of the Apple A11 processor. The more memory leads to better performance, however, does not always confirm in practice, as the results show.

The still current Samsung Galaxy S8 + with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipcreates 172,711 points and the OnePlus 5, after all, 181,042 points. The new Apple A11 chip “jumps” to a whopping 226,058 points, surpassing current Android devices by over 45,000 points. This is all the more for the iPhone X, unlike the Galaxy S8 Plus or OnePlus 5, has probably “only” 3 gigabytes of RAM on board. The iPhone 8 creates 25 per cent more power in the Geekbench than its predecessor, in the multi-core test, the A11 chip is 80 per cent faster. The iPhone X is in the Geekbench far ahead of the Galaxy Note 8. It reaches 4061 points in the single core score and 9959 points in the multi-core score. The impact of the results of the new iPhone models.



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