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Tidal at Yes! and Penny mobile The congstar prepaid customers shared Tidal music option is now available for customers of Yes! mobile and Penny mobil available. This can test the streaming service for six months free of charge and benefit from 10 percent discount.

Tidal Music Option

The streaming service Tidal is now available for congstar prepaid customers and for users of Penny mobil and Yes! mobile available. The Service can be booked in connection with the appointment or the customer service center and provides access to more than 50 million Songs, as well as numerous music videos.

Yes! mobile and Penny mobil customers benefit from a discount in the amount of 10 percent. As a result, the music option costs only 8,99 Euro per month instead of the usual € 9.99. It has no fixed minimum contract term and can be terminated monthly. The payment is made through the prepaid credit.

Tidal six months free of charge test

At the Start of the Option set Yes! mobile and Penny mobil Tidal six months free of charge and give your customers sufficient time to test the service extensively. The package is conducted in the port, falling from 7. Month monthly 8,99 Euro.


Access to customers of both brands received via the Tidal App, which is available for both Android devices and Apple devices free of charge in the respective app stores downloaded. Moreover, Tidal will also be used by the Browser via PC and Laptop.

Under and the Option is now available.


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