Unitymedia moves Change Day in Hessen and Baden

Unitymedia Moves Change Day – With the Change Day, Unitymedia wanted to move numerous TV channels between the end of August and the middle of September, introduce new ones and take analogue programs from the range. Ongoing problems during the first Change Day in North Rhine-Westphalia, however, meant that the changes had to be postponed in the other two federal states.

Unitymedia Change Day

With the Change Day in North Rhine-Westphalia on 29th August 2017, the starting shot for the extensive transmission of the transmitter in the cable network of Unitymedia took place. The two remaining states of Hesse and Baden-Württemberg, in which the provider is also active, should follow on 5 and 12 September 2017.

However, the switchover in North Rhine-Westphalia did not run smoothly and led to some big problems. Due to this, numerous customers could no longer access private users such as Sat.1, RTL and ProSieben. The programs were not displayed or only with encryption. A new broadcasting and other relief measures did not always provide a solution. Unitymedia was able to correct the restrictions only by “relocating the channels affected by the impairment to another channel”.


Change Day moved

Due to the problems, the Change Days of the federal states of Hesse and Baden-Württemberg were postponed to 26 September and 17 October 2017. In order to avoid new problems, the company has compiled guidelines to provide the affected users with first aid. Cable customers in Hesse are asked to start a transmitter search after the conversion.

1. Start and finish the broadcasting search: Unitymedia asks the TV customers not to cancel premature broadcasting. Many stations are located on new program sections after the channel has been rebooted, the setup can take up to several minutes depending on the device.

2. If programs are missing after the TV program has been carried out, Unitymedia recommends resetting the TV set to the factory state (reset) and then re-executing a channel search.

3. If the transmitter channel and the factory reset transmitter are not displayed, Unitymedia asks the customers to contact them in order to help them individually.

4. Unitymedia customers will receive information, help and instructions for the channel search at Unitymedia on the services page for the Change Day: unitymedia.de/changeday





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