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Google accepts HTC – For a long time there are rumors that the search engine giant Google is interested in HTC. Now it seems to be serious. As HTC explained, the company wants to make a big announcement soon.

Google accepts HTC?

According to rumors Google has been planning for some time to take over the mobile phone part of the manufacturer HTC . There were no confirmations or denials, and both companies were silent on the messages.

With the Heimlichtuerei it could soon be over. As HTC announced, the company is planning a “big announcement” shortly . This is scheduled for Thursday, September 21, 2017 and appears to be important enough for the company itself to suspend trading in the company’s shares . According to the information, the sales stop will be valid until the “big announcement” is known.

Rumors about takeover

Whether the announcement is actually the announcement of the takeover by Google is, can only be speculated. However, industry experts consider this to be very likely and expect a corresponding notification. That would also be the freezing of the shares, it says. The measure could be used to limit the impact on the securities until the announcement has been made. If the rumors are true, their course is likely to rise significantly.

Although HTC is one of the pioneers of the smartphone market, the company has become increasingly important in recent years. Demand declined, the market shares collapsed, and the red figures became more frequent. For some time it has been speculated that the company could push the increasingly unlikely smartphone area.



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