Google buys expertise and experts from HTC

Google buys expertise from HTC – The rumors about the “big announcement” of the manufacturer HTC have partly proved true. Google actually takes parts of the Handyspartement, but does not buy HTC completely.

Google is partially buying HTC

In the past few days rumors made the round that Google is interested in the mobile phone part of HTC . On Wednesday the reports received more food than HTC on the one hand promised a “big announcement” and on the other hand the trade with the in-house stocks temporarily suspended.

Meanwhile, the cat is out of the sack. Google actually accepts parts of HTC, but not as fully as speculated in advance. In fact, the search engine giant mainly secures specialist knowledge and experts from the manufacturer and integrates these into their own company.

Expertise of HTC

The deal is summed up with 1.1 billion euros and mainly includes HTC employees and their expertise, which will now switch to Google. These had already worked together with the company within the framework of the Pixel 2 development. In addition, Google secured HTC patents to be used in the future in the in-house devices.

HTC itself remains loyal to the mobile phone and will continue to produce its own models . The next smartphone is already in work, it says. Since the deal does not include any name rights, the future models will again come under the known name on the market. The  VR goggles HTC Vive will be continued.



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