Mobile phone at the wheel: specifications and penalties are tightened

© biker3 - Fotolia.comMobile phone on the wheel is tightened – On Friday the Federal Council votes on a tightening of the mobile phone ban at the wheel. In spite of already clear guidelines, only a few traffic participants actually adhere to the requirements.

Mobile phone at the wheel

Although the use of a mobile phone is already heavily regulated in the road traffic, the regulations frighten only a few traffic junkers and calls during the journey. Too tempting is the fast look at the display. It is proven that this at Tempo 50 already means 14 meters blind flight. Anyone who also adds an SMS or responds to WhatsApp not only risks his or her health but also those of others.

The new regulation therefore provides for not only a tightening of the law , but also increases the penalties which threaten to be disregarded. Thus, the adaptation is no longer limited to mobile phones, smartphones and mobile phones but also to other “communication, information and organization ” devices . This also includes tablets, small computers, laptops and video pots.

Traffic is diverted

However, the new law does not put everything under penalty and allows the short glance to the display, if the device is not taken into the mobile phone. Also the voice control and the acceptance of calls by push-button or wiping movement remain taut – if also the device is not recorded here. However, as the “short look” is precisely defined, remains open for the time being.

The grip on the mobile phone is also allowed when the vehicle is switched off with the engine switched off, eg at a red light or in a traffic jam. Exceptions to this rule, however, are vehicles, the engine of which is automatically switched off and on again by means of a start-stop automatic . The view on the screen during parking by sensor and camera remains unstable during the parking procedure .

Penalties on the tax are increased

In addition to the more stringent rules on the use of equipment, the penalties are also increased, which passengers have to fear in case of disregard. In the future, a fine of 100 euros (previously 60 euros) and a point in Flensburg are threatened . In cases involving damage to property, up to € 200 and a point in Flensburg and a monthly driving ban may be imposed.

The new regulation also affects cyclists harder. If they violate the law, they will soon have to pay a fine of 55 euros (so far 25 euros).



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