iPhone 8 (Plus) now available at o2, Vodafone and Telekom

iPhone 8 (Plus) now available – The two new iPhone models 8 and 8 Plus are available now and can be purchased. The network operators o2, Telekom and Vodafone as well as the Provider 1 & 1 offer the devices together with the in-house rates. However, the delivery times are already several weeks.

iPhone 8 (Plus) available

The recently announced new iPhone generation is now available and can be purchased in the on-line shops and shops of the providers. In addition to the three network operators o2 , Vodafone and Telekom , the devices are also available with 1 & 1 and the Drillisch brands. Interested parties who did not pre-order their desired model can book it from Friday 22nd September 2017, even without prior notification.

In the Telekom Onlineshop, the two devices are combined with the MagentaMobil tariffs and are available in the MagentaMobil M monthly from 57.11 euros. Vodafone charges 59.29 euros per month at the Red L rate . The one-time payment depends on the provider and the device between 149.90 and 449.95 euros.

iPhones at o2, Telekom and Vodafone

1 & 1 provides the new iPhones with the All-Net-Flat tariffs and charges in the All-Net Flat Pro from 54.99 euros per month. The one-time purchase price starts at 199.95 euros. in the o2 Onlineshop , together with the Free M prices are collected from 54,49 Euro per month. The additional payment is 49 euros.

Interested parties, who are only now opting for the purchase, have to accept some longer delivery times . So the waiting times with the Telekom depending on the device up to four weeks . Vodafone gives the availability partly with the KW40, thus beginning to middle of October . At o2 the devices are partly available immediately depending on the variant or available within a few days. Also with 1 & 1 most model variants are only available in the next week. To the popular color variant Spacegrau with 64 GB, prospective customers have to wait until mid-October.



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