iPhone 8: extreme hardness test with fire and knife in the video

iPhone 8 im Bendgate-TestiPhone 8 in the extreme test – On 12 September, Apple had presented the iPhone 8 (Plus) and advertises with the “most stable glass, which ever existed in a smartphone”. The extreme star Jerry RigEverything has subjected the iPhone 8 to a hardest test of a special kind and published the results in a YouTube video.

iPhone 8 in the hardest test

The YouTube blogger JerryRigEvertyhing is known for the latest smartphone top models to undergo a hardest test of a special kind. JREverything is shown in videos as “treating” the respective devices with carpet knives and fire and subjecting them to extreme bending tests.

Also the new iPhone 8 had to undergo this test. Does the case stand the Apple promise?

Scratching Fire and Biegetest: iPhone 8

“The most stable glass ever made in a smartphone” and an “aluminum case that is also used in space travel,” says Apple for the iPhone 8. Under normal usage conditions, the iPhone should not be damaged , JerryRigEverything, however, goes a step further. Its hardness test includes scratching with carpet knives, fire treatment from the display and extreme bending tests. Even the predecessor hit the display scratch test very well and also the iPhone 8 display resists scratches up to the metal hardness degree 6.

Apple has protected the front camera and the entire back with glass, the main camera is protected with even harder glass against scratches. Keys, coins and similar material should therefore not matter to the iPhone 8. Even the speaker and microphone covers and the Homebutton offer little weak points. Robust metal covers or glass prevent subsequent external effects. The bending test is good, because the metal frame (7000-aluminum) prevents a Bendgate. Only some paint and plastic could be damaged by a sharp knife and force. The YouTube video shows how well the iPhone 8 is processed and how it exceeds the hardest level.



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