Network 5G: Presented the TIM, Fastweb and Huawei projects for Bari and Matera

In the world of telephony there is no time to lie down on the laurels. Quickness and dynamism are essential allies to be on the piece. So, reaching the limits of 4G / LTE technology, it’s time to experience the 5G.

If Vodafone departs from the Milan metropolitan area while Wind Tre from Prato and L’Aquila, the consortium of TIM, Fastweb and Huawei will focus on the areas of Bari and Matera, with the forecast that by 2019 the 5G coverage in the two cities will be total.

The plan submitted to the Ministry for Economic Development envisages the first use of the ultra wide band in the two agglomerations by June 2018, with the opening of experimentation to various subjects (public administrations or technology partners) to gather as many ideas and initiatives as possible on channel services on the 5G network.

Shortly the frequencies will be made available to the consortium and future development will aim to build a digital ecosystem in both cities, including environmental monitoring, public safety, health care, industry, mobility, but also media education and virtual reality. Hurry: the future awaits us.
Go to: Vodafone will experience the 5G in Milan, space also for Wind Tre and TIM





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