ECOVACS brings new robots with OZMO technology to control the app for Android

ECOVACS ROBOTICS , a brand specialized in the production and sale of robotic home appliance applications, brings the new generation of OZMO robot robots to home mapping and cleaning.

The new technology, featured on the DEEBOT OZMO 610 and DEEBOT OZMO 930 , combines the vacuum cleaner function with the scrubber for a more thorough and accurate cleaning. Thanks to an electronically controlled water tank, it is possible to adjust the dampness of the rag on the surface to be cleaned, and not just from the app, available for Android.

The DEEBOT OZMO 930, the top-of-the-range model, is also capable of recognizing the different surfaces by automatically adjusting the cleansing mode to use: during the first scan, locates the carpets by memorizing the position so as to avoid using the scrubbing function of them.

Among the other models coming are  DEEBOT M81Pro ,  DEEBOT N78D and  DEEBOT SLIM2 , which can be controlled via the mobile application to schedule cleaning. Finally, WINBOT 850 and WINBOT 950 are products for intelligent glass cleaning: their technology allows maximum adherence to any type of window and glass surface; The most expensive model, the 950, also features the integrated Smart Drive navigation system to avoid obstacles.

The whole range will be available from October on the ePrice platform . The prices are as follows:

  • DEEBOT OZMO 610: 399,00 euro
  • DEEBOT OZMO 930: 599,00 euro
  • DEEBOT M81Pro: 299,00 euro
  • DEEBOT N78D: 249.00 euro
  • DEEBOT SLIM2: 229,00 euro
  • WINBOT 850: 349,00 euro
  • WINBOT 950: 399,00 euro

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