Lycamobile opens up roaming in the EU and enables Vodafone 4G network

Good news for Lycamobile users : in fact, the operator has decided to allow its customers to enjoy roaming in the European Union and to exploit the bundles of the various offers also in the participating countries.

Lycamobile customers will therefore be able to use minutes, SMS and data roaming in the European Union if they have activated one of the following offers:

  • ITALY Green (600 minutes, 600 SMS, 2 Giga at 10 euros every 30 days)
  • ITALY White (unlimited calls and SMS, 5 Giga at 12 euros every 30 days)
  • ITALY Red (unlimited calls and SMS, 6 Giga at 20 euros every 30 days)
  • Europe Gold (unlimited calls and SMS, 6 Giga at 15 euros every 30 days)

Lycamobile is also another important novelty: the virtual operator on Vodafone network has announced that it has enabled the 4G / LTE network for all its customers .

Lycamobile users who have enabled a compatible offer (ITALY Green, ITALY White, ITALY Red, ITALY Plus, Data S, Date M and Data L) do not have to do anything, since enabling navigation in 4G Vodafone is automatic.



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