A androidino in celebration of the Oktoberfest will go on sale soon

If collecting “androidini” is one of your passions, you may soon lose your head for the new creation of Dead Zebra. Andrew Bell, the one who is behind the name of art, has announced that next week will make available his latest creation, is a small android markedly inspired by the world of the Oktoberfest.

Judging from the image that the same Bell has entrusted to Instagram, the friendly robot green is in perfect coherence with the stylistic dictates of the event. Space, therefore, to the typical short pants of leather with straps and hat, in full tyrolean style. The androidino celebration will go on sale on the shop Dead Zebra.

The cost? Not yet communicated, but it is easy to imagine that it could be aligned with that of the similar products in the sale on the market online. Likely therefore to serve 10 dollars or 8.38 euros to get your hands on one of them. However, from a quick simulation of the purchase showed a small problem: the shipping.

Via USPS, you can receive it in Italy, albeit with the payment of 37.29 euros, leading to 45.67 euros the total expenditure to have the cute android. Perhaps a bit too much. But if you’re a collector you’ll definitely have a plan B. Please let us know in the comments!




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