Concerning Android security research: GO Keyboard would be spying on millions of users data

A search by the AdGuard team revealed worrying details about the GO Keyboard keyboard , downloadable from the Google Play Store and created by the GOMO Dev Team Chinese developers: it seems that the keyboard transmits confidential information to remote servers .

But it’s not over here: According to the report, Go Keyboard would be able to download and execute malicious code without knowing the users. AdGuard did this discovery while researching the data usage of mobile device keyboards.

Both GO Keyboard versions, which account for about 200 million users in total , have a 4.5-star rating on the Play Store . Though application developers declare, verbatim, that “we will never collect your personal information, including credit card details. We keep to your privacy and what you write “, the reality of the facts is quite different : the keyboard, in fact, sends remote servers sensitive data such as user mail, location, network, language and even screen size, device, version Android and more.

Obviously, this goes against Google policy , which does not allow applications that collect personal data, without the user knowing that they are published on the Play Store, as well as downloading and executing code without permission. AdGuard brought the issue back to Google, we’ll see how the situation will evolve.



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