Facebook ads will be based on stores where you make purchases in the real world

Facebook updates its advertising system again: Ads will be targeted, henceforth, also taking into account the stores where users physically make purchases . This is made possible by the Integrated Position Tracking System in the application. This way, Facebook can know if you often frequent stores of a given chain in your real life, and then propose targeted and more effective online advertising.

As expected, the new feature does not attract favor from the totality of users: although some may be useful to receive targeted rather than random ads, the majority may see the update as an intrusion into their daily lives , and for that reason to disable this function , although to do this you have to go into the menus.

From the Facebook site, you can access the menu at the top right of the Settings section, and from there you can change your preferences from the Ads entry; Similarly, you can change this setting from the mobile social network application.

Facebook is gradually introducing this change, and for some it may already have been activated: just wait to see Home Advertising based on your purchases in the real world.



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