Youtube for Android lets you remove videos from lists with a swipe

There are some features of Google applications  that go unnoticed for a few weeks, often due to the lack of indications in the changelog. This is the case for YouTube for Android, which, starting with version 12.34.54, released a few weeks ago, lets you remove videos from your lists with a swipe to the left.

If you open a list, such as “Favorites” or “Watch later”, you can remove videos that no longer interest you with a swipe, a movement that we use regularly on smartphones for a lot of activities. Moving the video in question to the left will appear a “Remove” button that will let you permanently delete the video from your lists.

The news seems to have been introduced to the ad on the new YouTube logo   for which it has gone unnoticed to the most these days. If you still do not see the news, just check out the latest version of the application, using the badge below to retrieve it from the Google Play Store .

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