Only two smartphone manufacturers share the top 10 most sold devices in France

The analyst firm Kantar Worldpanel published a few days ago the ranking of the best-selling smartphones in France since the beginning of the year. A ranking that includes quite a few surprises, since only two brands are present: Samsung and Apple.

What are the best selling smartphones in France? For Kantar, which relies on a panel of “one million respondents only in Europe”, it is only Samsung and Apple smartphones. Here is its ranking, in market share:

There are two trends that emerge from this ranking. The best-selling smartphones in France are mainly mid-range or high-end smartphones, but the first two seats are held by entry-level devices. These are the Galaxy J3 2016 and J5 (2016?), Devices sold at around 200 euros naked that represent 12% market share in France. Proof of this is that consumers do not want to spend too much in their smartphone.

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But the rest of the ranking is shared between mid-range smartphones (Galaxy A5 2017, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S) and high-end smartphones. The Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and the iPhone 7 and 6S are acclaimed. The price, as always, is the first criterion of choice for a smartphone in France.


The French keep their iPhone longer and longer

In his report, Kantar says that the price is not so much a problem for Apple when it comes to convincing the French to buy at home. The French tend to keep their smartphone longer and therefore to buy less regularly. “Consumer satisfaction is proving to be a double-edged sword for the apple brand. The two-year period usually observed between the purchase of a new terminal tends to lengthen, “says the analysis firm. “The average time a consumer keeps an iPhone has increased by + 7% compared to 2015. It is now 27 months, 1.4 months longer than Samsung.

And with its price of 1,159 euros base (not to mention stock outs), it is unlikely that the iPhone X finds a place in this ranking in the coming months.




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