OK Google, tell me when the next Pixel smartphones will be presented

We know the date of the next conference held by Google. It is scheduled for October 4th. It was the firm of Mountain View itself that announced it on YouTube.

Rendezvous on 4 October

This conference will revolve around the smartphone, as this trailer featuring Google queries suggests. Looks obviously turn to Pixels 2, which this time, should arrive in France.

Pixels 2 that did not wait for the teasing of Google to make talk about them. Indeed, rumors last month suggest the announcement of two smartphones. A classic Pixel designed by HTC and a Pixel XL by LG. The first would be a simple technical evolution of the pixel of 2016 while the second would have a “long” screen, similar to what currently offers Samsung or LG on their high-end devices.

In any case, it will be necessary to wait until the 4 of October next to have the clear heart.



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