Nikon planning mirror-less full frame camera

Nikon plant spiegellose Vollformatkamera


Nikon is with its DSLRs is very successful in the field of mirrorless cameras, however, there are problems. Developed still: A full-frame camera is in the planning stage.

The says – at least indirectly – the chief of the development Department, Tetsuro Goto, in an Interview with Xitek. There he is on the record that the next level must be format-less system camera from Nikon “full”. In a previous interview, had to Goto traveled to the development of other mirrorless cameras confirmed. Thus, one is in the picture.

The reasoning for the new camera, however, is a little hypocritical. The competitors – Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm – have so far brought no camera for professionals on the market. Whether that’s true or not, is argumentative, another choice remains the Nikon Manager. Which full frame camera are distinguished from the competition differentiate, does not reveal Goto. A price value that is not pleasure for sure. Two lenses you have logged in, however, for the Patent: a 36mm f/1.2 and 52mm f/0.9. Whether these lenses are combined can replace it with a new camera, the DSLR and the competitors really competition, it remains to be seen.



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