Telekom: New prepaid option DayFlat XXL Accidentally leaked? “ News

Telekom DayFlat XXL leaked – A display error in the booking system of the Telekom prepaid rates might inadvertently have in the wings new Option leaked. May be the network operator plans to a Prepaid equivalent to the contract option DayFlat unlimited.

Telekom DayFlat XXL leaked

You may be able to look forward to Telekom prepaid customers soon about a new data option. As some User reports in the Telefon-Treff Forum, was displayed for a short time a new Option under under the name DayFlat XXL led and as an Alternative to SpeedOn Option was offered.

“If you have consumed 1 GB in the current billing cycle, it reduces your surfing speed. You can then said with a SpeedOn the usual speed-Pass restore, alternatively you can book a Prepaid DayFlat XXL“, it is the information. For more information, were not called.

Magenta Mobile Launch Prepaid Options

On demand of the Hotline, the User received the statement that there had been at the displayed DayFlat XXL to an error. An employee of the Telefon-Treff Forum active “Telekom helps”the Team confirmed this statement:

Hello together,

I can bring light into the darkness.

The statement of the Hotline is correct. It is a display error.
I have held consultation with our technical Department.

There was an editorial error, therefore, was for a short time to see the Option DayFlat XXL.

And before you ask, no, I have no further info on this Option.

Whether the company is working on a such a package, remains unclear. May be the Option by Mistake, was offered, although you should soon go to the Start and not for the marketing was released.

DayFlat unlimited for Prepaid

What content could have the DayFlat XXL, is also unclear. In the contract area, the Telekom offers with the DayFlat unlimited is already an Option with a similar name. For 4.95 euros per day, Magenta can pick up mobile customers, the data limitation for up to 24 hours and with no data usage surfing.

In the prepaid area of the leg, the current DayFlat only 25 MB per day and can be booked for 99 cents per 24 hours. This is intended primarily as a package for little surfers, which is not a day on the mobile Internet on the go, or as an emergency option, if the Smartphone is inadvertently to the Internet.


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