GermanySIM LTE 750 National with 1 GB for 4,99 Euro

GermanySIM LTE 750 National – GermanySIM offers the LTE 750 National with a higher data volume for a short time. Instead of the usual 750 MB per month 1 GB can be used.

GermanySIM LTE 750 National

In the on-line shop of DeutschlandSIM, savings foxes can book the LTE 750 National for a short time at the savings price. The tariff is provided in the Telefónica network and accesses the LTE network of the Munich operator.

In the promotional price of 4.99 euros per month, 250 free units are available, which can be used flexibly for call minutes and SMS in all German networks. The mobile data sheet offers a volume of 1 GB and maximum surfing speeds of 50 Mbps. An automatic data processing is then used. Each follow-up and -SMS costs 9 cents.

250 units and 1 GB

Alternatively, the LTE 2000 National can also be booked for 9.99 euros. The tariff offers a voice and SMS Flat in all German networks as well as a mobile data sheet with 3 GB and maximum LTE speeds of 50 Mbit / s. Once the volume limit is reached, an automatic data processing system is also used.

Please note that the two tariffs are marked as “National” and can therefore only be used in Germany . GermanySIM points out: “The use of the mobile card abroad is not possible.” Customers who also want to communicate abroad in a foreign country, the discounter alternatively offers the slightly more expensive international tariffs.



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