iPhone 8 at the Telekom: delivery times of up to 4 weeks

iPhone 8 at Telekom Delivery times – Interested parties, who pre-order a new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus at Telekom, must adjust to delivery times of up to four weeks. However, the company notes that the actual waiting period may be higher in some cases.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Just a few days ago the pre-orders for the new iPhone generation 8 and 8 Plus have begun. Those who want to be among the first to have one of the new models in their hands have to adapt themselves to longer delivery times . As the Telekom shows in the in-house help area, the delivery times before the official sales start already up to four weeks.

Thus, mainly buyers of the iPhone 8 in the color space gray must wait for three to four weeks. The device variant with 64 GB memory as well as the version with 256 GB is affected. Also the iPhone 8 Plus is so popular in this color that the delivery time for the variant with 64 GB is already three to four weeks. The same is true for the Plus device with 64 GB memory in the color silver.

Waiting times at the Telekom

The other device versions are also no longer available for sale, but have a delivery time of two to three weeks . The Telekom informs that the indicated delivery times depend on the actual delivery quantities on the part of Apple and can change in the short term. This means that both a shorter as well as a longer waiting time as indicated is possible. “For example, we do not always get the quantities that were announced to us,” it says.

The current information relates to the information situation as of September 15, 2017. “Whether this order is made under a new contract, a contract extension, or a private or commercial tariff is irrelevant”, explains the network operator.



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