iOS 11 comes on the 19th of September

iOS 11 arriva il 19 settembre

In the welter of presentations hardware, we lost the new Apple regarding the software, i.e. iOS and macOS. The company of Cupertino has not forgotten its two operating systems, confirming the arrival of the first, on the iPhone and iPad, on September 19, a week before the major update to the computer of the Apple, scheduled for September 25. Are already many innovations that are known to the renewed iOS, many of which are addressed to take better advantage of computational capabilities of processor A11 Bionic, on iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. The benefit more tangible, is the one that will meet Siri, the voice assistant is able to interpret the needs of customers better, both in terms of optimization in the daily use of pro-activity as much as possible.


One of the main innovations of the new iPhone is certainly Face ID, which replaces the Touch ID for all apps previously compatible. Also iOS 11 will reflect this change as well as the will macOS High the Greenhouse in the menu that provides authentication using a smartphone, this time possible with the easy-to-read face. Unlike the update mobile, the one for the computer is not part of the category of the major as it concerns only small parts of the system. Among the affected software, a makeover, there are Mail, Photos and Safari, and the deeper the Apple File System of the new generation, known better by its acronym APFS. As in the past, the rollout of the updates will be done around 10 of the Silicon Valley, the 19 Italian, even if due to the likely crowding should probably wait some time in order to proceed without problems.



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