Philippe Starck: The end of smartphone design is close

Last week, two smartphones were presented, whose main view almost exclusively consists of the display, Apple’s iPhone X and Xiaomis Mi Mix 2 , which then once again impels the question of whether and what designers have to report on such devices at all? Old Master Philippe Starck, who for Xiaomi also at the Mi Mix 2has answered the question in a straightforward way: less and less, and soon nothing. With which Starck officially announces the end of the smartphone design officially, at least if manufacturers and designers were “honest”, because design gaps exist in the genre only when one pretends something. On the one hand, designers should not turn to any other things, but it is, of course, a bit bitter when the current most popular product is cut off from the design community at all – at least when it comes to the physical object.



This person is lazy, nothing left!

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