New Apple rules for face detection in ARKit apps

There are new rules for the developers of apps on iOS. Clearly, the new features come to the fore, but also with a few older is tidied up. For example, an app can not promise more services that can not afford it. This means, above all, virus or malware scanners, because this functionality is simply not possible because of the structure of iOS. Also for apps whose contents are “objectionable”, Apple has inserted a few more detailed notes. Apps that discriminate against people on the basis of their ethnic or national origin are no longer permissible in the future.

But back to ARKit and the new face. If you want to use facial recognition for authentication, you have to resort to the local facial recognition and can not use similar processes in ARKit. Obendrein there must be an alternative for children under 13 years.

You should also not allow user profiles from the facial mapping functions in ARKit. Everyone is constantly talking about new dangers of monitoring, but of course apps that project masks on faces, for example, or make dressing tips in AR, can almost collect with face-to-face data from the face, is always a thing of the past. At least you can now assume that Apple has a look at it, but we would not be surprised if these biometric data from users in various apps nevertheless a dubious home in some databases of which we know nothing.

ARKit is not allowed – we find it almost a pity – with the simple apps, which we have seen mostly as demos. There must be integrated and content “experiences”, simply placing an object or an animation in the space will not be possible. Perhaps understandable, because the appeal of such Novelty apps should pass very quickly. Finally, the new rules for app developers also add that you can make apps that allow you to send money to users, but these funds must always be 100% voluntary (oh) and the apps can not amount from the money sent.

And here are a few examples which show relatively well, to what facial recognition is also beyond Face ID in ARKit everything is good and how much easier monitoring thus actually has become. As well as a few more apps that show how much face recognition has become everyday in AR apps, before ARKit came into play.



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