QuickCharge for new iPhones costs extra

Finally, the new iPhones (iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X) have a quick charge function! But it would not be Apple, if the devil would not hide in detail (better a footnote). Behind the announcement that one can now load his new iPhone to 50% in 30 minutes, is a footnote.

The tests were conducted by Apple in August 2017 with prototypes of the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X and a software prototype as well as Apple USB-C power adapter accessories (29W model A1540, 61W model A1718, 87W model A1719). Tests for fast charging were performed with unloaded iPhone devices. The charging duration varies depending on the ambient conditions. Actual results may vary. – Apple

These USB-C power adapters are in fact accessories and are not supplied with the new iPhones. There are only simple USB power supplies included. So you will need for a faster loading of the new at least one of these adapters as well as a USB-C-Lightning cable. The USB-C Power Adapter (which you may already have as a new Macbook user) cost between 59 and 89 Euro, a USB-C-Lightning cable at least 29 Euro. And yes, these power adapters are also still darn great in comparison with common cell phone chargers. So not necessarily something for handbag. There is also a second, rather disappointing detail. The wireless charging over Qi will not allow a quick charge, because it was probably not the 1.2 standard that could use this.



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