Bistro: How will the Google Assistant headphones work

According to the pictures of Boses Quiet Comfort 35 II with built-in Google Assistant is actually suggesting that the first will be presented on October 4, just when the new pixel smartphones also appear. Why? The pixels 2 smartphones come obviously (so obvious rumors can be) without headphone connection and it would be quite logical for Google at least a few wireless alternatives to recommend.

In the last few weeks, more and more details about the headphones of various apps called Bisto have been known with Google Assistant. First of all, yes, they are not produced directly by Google. And at least three were addressed with codenames. Baywolf, Apollo and Scout. One might assume that these are different headphones, but why should Google so explicitly stiffen on three models. We suspect that it will be three different classes of headphones and Baywolf will probably be the on-ear headphones of the kind as we see them in the Quiet Comfort 35 II. An icon in any case has a very similar division of the buttons.

Of course, you will always be able to call the Google Assistant with the headphones, but there seem to be even more features. They should also be able to read notifications from the APK of the Google Beta app and can also respond directly to them. So that is not so annoying, there will probably be a sound, which points to notifications and only when you press the appropriate button, they are read aloud. Of course you can also use the Google Assistant to announce the status of the respective battery charger of the headphone.

Apparently, however – we suspect in the above classes – there are also different buttons, so that probably not all functionalities on all Bisto headphones will work. Relatively secure, however, seems to keep the Google Assistant button pressed. It would indeed be a disappointment if these headphones did not respond to speech input.



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