iFixit has disassembled the Galaxy Note 8 and found that even inside it still looks like a Galaxy S8

It is this week that the Galaxy Note 8 comes out. And as with every major smartphone release, the American iFixit site has dismantled it in order to discover what is inside its entrails. No real surprises with this Galaxy Note 8, however, it takes up the main lines of architecture of the Galaxy S8.

The American sites already highlighted in their tests last week, the Galaxy Note 8 is a cousin very close to the Galaxy S8. iFixit confirms today that this is not only about the design, but also about the interior of the phone.

The same internal architecture as the Galaxy S8

The Galaxy Note 8 as the Galaxy S8 thus both greatly appeal to glue to weld their components. It is therefore found on the hull (in order to guarantee the tightness), but also on the battery, which is glued to the motherboard.

As for the rest of the phone, it’s virtually the same internal architecture as the Galaxy S8. This is not bad news, because once the shell is removed, the components are easily removable and therefore easily replaceable. iFixit notes that these are standard Phillips screws found on the motherboard and that a small spatula is enough to detach all the connectors from the motherboard.

Easily repairable … Provided you can remove the glass shell

In the end, the Galaxy Note 8 inherits a “repairability” rating of 4/10 (identical to that of the Galaxy S8). iFixit appreciates that the components are easily replaceable, but emphasizes that to access it it is necessary to remove a glass shell particularly fragile.

Beyond this note of repairability, the most impressive photo of the Galaxy Note 8 taken by the US site is definitely this cliché of the phone passed on X-ray. It allows to see how Samsung managed to fit all of its components in a shell to the contained dimensions, while also successfully integrating a stylus in addition.




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