Samsung will do everything to release a foldable smartphone next year

While the Galaxy Note 8 is not even released yet, Samsung is already talking about the future. Indeed, it seems that 2018 signs a big revolution at Samsung, and by extension in the world of smartphones with foldable screen.

Folding from 2018

This is not a rumor or an assertion from a Russian blog that he had news at the sister of the mother of a Samsung engineer, since it is a brand manager who said at a press conference.

Koh Dong-jin, head of the mobile division of Samsung, held a press conference in Seoul where he affirmed his willingness to embark on the production of smartphones with a foldable screen. A desire that Samsung shares in the world since 2014, but this time is put back on the carpet and is dated. So, according to Samsung, we will have our first smartphone of this type from next year, if everything goes well.

As the boss of the mobile section, I can tell you that our goal is set for next year. When we have settled a few last problems, we can launch the product.

He did not say more on the subject, and did not go into detail regarding these problems. But now we have a date. We’ll have to prepare to see a smartphone with a foldable display coming off in 2018. Would this be the Samsung Galaxy S9 or a new model? Mystery.



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