Video games: EA keeps Streaming subscriptions for “inevitable”

Videospiele: EA hält Streaming-Abos für „unausweichlich“

The Sale of video no the future is playing for the EA model. The company maintains that the Transition to Streaming is Offered in the medium term, “inevitable” and has already taken the first steps in this direction.

Chris Evenden, Vice President of the Investor Relations Department of the group, said at the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference in 2017, the partnership with Comcast, as well as the services of EA Access and Origin Access would be the first foundations for the Streaming of Games from the Cloud. “We have built the infrastructure from a product and marketing point of view,” said Evenden. EA could change thanks to the in the past five years, created the infrastructure, in principle, with Play easily to new platforms.

But I think it’s inevitable that the gaming entertainment world wants to move in much the same way that the music and video entertainment worlds have already moved, in the sense that people have moved from an ownership model to an access model.

Chris Evenden
It was “inevitable” that the game industry is evolving in the same way as the music and video industries. There is less sold as a single product, but rather the access to products in subscription models. This EA will be prepared, the necessary technology is already available, said Evenden. While it is in principle possible to stream Battlefield without a difference to a local rendered copy, there is still a barrier by the infrastructure, Streaming requires comparatively high data rates. Progress in this area should flatten in the next three to five years, such hurdles.

Advantages especially for the Publisher

For EA, the benefits are in a considerably larger sales market, a result of low barriers to Entry. A Streaming-only plan will cost significantly less than, for example, a game console and FIFA, instead, only a SmartTV will provided – it must, so the logic, so not a lot of money to be spent.

The”inevitable” triumph of Streaming Offered for the Publisher off the target group of further advantages, which are not only completed, but unused subscriptions. Games generate increasingly more revenue via micro-transactions, creating a sale for the full price loses importance. More important is the Chance to appear on a stream of permanent income, regardless of the age of the product – to make it easy and convenient to use, would be the logical consequence, especially as the age of the product and thus be a potential loss of customer interest as part of a package offer is less important.



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