Fallout 4: Modder removes advertising for Creation Club

Fallout 4: Modder entfernt Werbung für Creation Club

Bethesda promotes the Creation Club in the main menu of Fallout 4, where the Mod-marketplace, with a Banner lettering is touted. Remedy a Modder, whose work “No More Creation Club News” making the old main menu re-creates.

Available the Mod via nexus mods, the Installation is carried out by files in the Fallout-4-directory you unzipped. “No More Creation Club News” has been received very positively and has hit a nerve. Since the writing in the game is, especially in comparison with DLC advertising in other titles – little pushy, shows very clearly how little popularity the concept of the Creation club currently enjoys.

Mods are to “Jobs”

Part of the problem is that the offer is in the Shop from little more than Skins and a few things that the modders in better quality available for free. That Bethesda’s mistake promises of free content, and thus loses the value of Skins, for example, tend to be less prone to error. In the last few days Bethesda had defended the square, once again.

It’s not a matter of “Paid Mods”, because the modders of Bethesda were hired. “If you work for us, it’s a Job,” said Pete Hines compared to Tek Syndiacate (YouTube), “you don’t get paid if your stuff sells, you will have the entire path along paid like a contractor”. In the end, modders will be declared to the developers what makes their creations for Bethesda to Mini-DLCs.

Mods will continue to exist

Hines also stressed that modders can continue to “do what ever you want” and there is no shortage of projects on nexus mods. Mods were and would remain free-of-charge, the Vice President of Bethesda. This Insistence on a fundamental difference between Mods and the new deal had had no calming effect. Players fear that the Creation-Club-content classic Mods step should be to displace and products from the new market place replaced.



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