Linux: KDE and GNOME are developing for the Purism 5 smartphone

Linux: KDE and GNOME are developing for the Purism 5 smartphone

KDE and Purism are developing Plasma Mobile as the operating system for the planned Librem 5 smartphone. KDE announced today on his website. But GNOME is still in the running for the mobile operating system for the first truly free smartphone.

A few weeks ago, the San Francisco-based company Purism presented its plan to build the completely free 5-inch Librem 5 smartphone. To this end, a swarm financing campaign was launched on its own website, which has already received more than 338,000 US dollars a day before the end of the targeted 1.5 million US dollars.

A free modern smartphone

Purism had from the beginning let through, that in terms of operating system for the Librem 5 GTK and GNOME as favorites. This also makes sense, one notes that the Debian based in-house operating system PureOS also uses GNOME as a desktop. The Librem 5 will not support Android apps, but will rely on HTML5. It should also support other Linux distributions.

Two years ahead

As the developers at GNOME have to start almost at zero, as KDE yesterday communicated, KDE with Plasma Mobile on the boat. Here the development has more than two years ahead and the current version runs among other things on the Nexus 5X.

Opportunity for a truly free smartphone

The partnership between KDE and Purism aims to adapt Plasma Mobile for Purism 5. This gives the KDE project the opportunity to adapt its mobile operating system to a smartphone with free hardware during development. This has not yet succeeded one of the failed predecessors of Plasma Mobile.

Purism has adapted the website of the campaign after promulgating the partnership. It says now, both GNOME and KDE will participate in the development. A decision about which system will end up on Purism 5 will be announced about one month after the end of the campaign. It remains to be seen whether this ambiguity affects the campaign negatively.



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