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o2 Blue All-in M with 3 GB – In the Onlineshop of Saturn, the o2 Blue All-in M is available for a short time at the promotional price. The tariff offers 3 GB volume and LTE, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is included for one time 29 Euro.

o2 Blue All-in M

In the on-line shop of Saturn, the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be booked together with the o2 Blue All-in M for a short time at the promotional price. The combination of smartphone and tariff costs 29.99 euros per month and is implemented in the LTE network of o2 . The one-off connection price is 29.99 euros, the duration is 24 months.

The rate includes a voice and SMS flat rate in all German mobile and fixed networks as well as a mobile data sheet with a volume of 3 GB . The maximum surfing speed is 21.1 Mbit / s and is provided via LTE. In addition, a free landline number is included.

Samsung Galaxy S8 for 29 euros

The price includes the Samsung Galaxy S8 with 64 GB of memory . The smartphone is offered for only 29 euros and is available in the colors Midnight Black, Arctic Silver and Orchid Gray.

Saturn states that the monthly effective package price for the price is € 9.03 . For this result, the Samsung smartphone with an ideal price of 562.05 euros was counted. There are no shipping charges.



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