Change of supplier: 11,000 complaints in seven months

© Robert Kneschke - Fotolia.comProvider change Complaints – The provider change is still a lot wrong. In the first seven months of 2017 alone, 11,000 complaints were filed with the Federal Network Agency, after consumers were no longer or only limited to access after the change of provider. The Greens now demand compensation for those affected.

Change of supplier big annoyance

The change of the provider continues to cause numerous customers for anger and stress. Although the telecommunications law stipulates that the connection may not be interrupted for more than one calendar day during a vendor exchange, and that the old vendor must ensure the continued supply in doubt, many consumers complain about dead connections, terminating connections, and other problems with the old or new vendor.

As reported by the Federal Network Agency at the request of the Greens-Bundestag to the federal government, this year around 11,000 complaints about the wrong supplier change occurred between January and July. Throughout the year 2016 the number of complaints was 19,000, and 2015 even 30,000.


11,000 complaints when changing supplier

“The providers simply do not get the problem under control, or perhaps do not want it at all,” says Oliver Krischer, vice-chairman of the Greens-Bundestagsfraktion, and calls for more stringent guidelines. “Compensation for the customer should be due for every day with a non-working telephone and internet. An order of magnitude around 100 euros per day would be helpful. ”

Since the amendment of the Telecommunications Act in 2014, the Federal Network Agency has already imposed fines of 300,000 euros on four large companies that have not adhered to the terms of the change of supplier.






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