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D Facial recognition image GizmoChinaGalaxy S9 with 3D face detection – With the new premium smartphone, iPhone X, Apple is all about security. Instead of conventional fingerprint sensors, 3D face detection is integrated. According to reports, the upcoming smartphones from Samsung, Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi7, will also feature this feature.

Galaxy S9 with 3D face detection?

The new Apple iPhone X offers a unique feature, because “Face ID” allows a contactless unlocking. According to Apple, “Face ID” is 20x more secure than “Touch ID” by means of the 3D face detection via eye contact.

As the website Gizmochina reported, Samsung and Xiaomi want to use this technology also for their upcoming top models Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi Mi 7.

Qualcomm and 3D camera technology

GizmoChina refers in his report to statements by insiders from the supply chain, which were published on Sina. According to this, the chip maker Qualcomm is currently working on a market-ready 3D camera technology. A final module and mass production could take place in January 2018. Surely, in future, more smartphone manufacturers will be focusing on the 3D face recognition, because the technology makes it possible to distinguish between a real man and a flat photo. An overtime of the usual face recognition by means of a photo, as it was recently done with the Galaxy Note 8, should then be impossible.

The Galaxy S9 will probably be introduced in spring 2018. It remains to be seen whether it will be possible to integrate the feature in time. Also the Xiaomi Mi 7 starts next year and is, like the S9, driven by the Snapdragon 845 processor. However, the chip was not yet announced by the manufacturer.



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