Facebook Messenger continues to grow but his stories do not stand out

The Facebook team has finally decided to reveal the numbers recorded by Messenger Day , the version of this platform of the most popular Instagram Stories .

Well, six months after the official launch, Messenger Day has boasted 70 million chins  that every day post or watch other users’ pictures and videos.

So much for a confrontation, Instagram Stories took just two months to reach 100 million users while WhatsApp Status in 10 weeks touched 175 million users.

Facebook Messenger continues to grow in terms of total users, today at 1.3 billion (in April it was 1.2 billion while in July 2016 it had just hit 1 billion).

The closest adversaries such as Facebook Messenger are WeChat (strong 938 million monthly users in May), QQ (861 million users a month in the first quarter of 2017) and Snapchat (173 million users a day in the second quarter 2017).

Basically at this time, the Facebook Messenger team can sleep quietly.



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