ADICONSUM: Provides a law to ban phone operators billing every 28 days

In recent days, the debate about the decision of some telephone operators to reduce the billing period from the canonical month to 28 days (ie four weeks) has come back.

Despite the complaints of millions of users and the Communications Authority’s Supervisory Authority Decision 121/17 / CONS (which prohibits billing every 28 days), operators continue the journey they have taken several months ago.

With reference to Resolution 121/17 / CONS, we will have to wait until February 2018, as the TAR will pronounce on the appeal by telephone companies to challenge this act, pleading its illegality.

According to Mauro Vergari, ADICONSUM’s Tlc Manager, “28 days billing rather than 1 month billing, as we have also denounced in consultation for drafting Resolution 121/17 / CONS,   is leading to increased costs for consumers of 8.6% in the 12 to 13 months […]  but above all the uncertainty of the day of payment or withdrawal in case of bank RID, which with the cadence at 4 weeks slip from month to month, going to incide on the financial statements already in the crisis of Italian families, exposing them to the risk of going in red, adding to the bill’s costs even those of the maximum charge commission applied by the bank. “

At present, Italian users only have to wait patiently for the pronunciation of the TAR, even though, given the evolution of the situation, ADICONSUM hopes for a legislative intervention that governs the minimum billing times. The risk that even in other areas begins to take a reduced cadence is around the corner.



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