The new Apple iPhone 8 makes Android smartphones shake on AnTuTu

On Wednesday’s Italian evening, Apple raised the veil of three new smartphones, the new generation of iPhones; Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the “special” iPhone version have been starring on the stage at the Steven Jobs Theater, and although it is still not possible to put their hands on these smartphones all the main information is known and official. Noto is, apparently, also the score on AnTuTu recorded by the iPhone 8 , a score that makes everyone tremble.

Of course, we all understand the “competition” smartphones, those with Android and the latest SoC Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895; to shake the score of over 200,000 on AnTuTu , surpassing the 20,000 points that recorded by OnePlus 5 (at the top for performance).

However, as we know, the benchmark results do not always reflect how much user experience will be enjoyable ; but it’s hard to assume that this new iPhone 8 will provide insufficient performance, unfortunately for us Android lovers:  Apple is preparing to destroy the competition or according to you Android tops will stay a step above Cupertino devices (albeit maybe not in benchmarks )? Tell us yours with a comment below.



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