Google sued by Gab for a breach of the antitrust rules

From the social media site get the charge (with annexed complaint) for Google of violation of the federal antitrust following the removal of Gab from the Play Store.

This is just the latest episode in a long legal battle that involved a hand, small technology companies and the other giants of Silicon Valley like Facebook and Google.

To say of the Gab, Google would deprive the its competitors in a discriminatory manner, access to the Play Store, which is an essential resource, thus causing a huge damage.

Once again, in essence, a small reality in the world of technology is going to collide with Google, complaining of his conduct is monopolistic.

The colossus of Mountain View has banned from the Play Store the platform of social media because it was considered guilty of violating the rules relating to phrases that incite to hatred, stating that, to remain on his Store, the social networking applications must demonstrate a sufficient level of moderation, even to the contents that encourage violence and support the hatred against groups of people.




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