The Snapdragon 410 is the most popular SoC among Android smartphones

The Android ecosystem offers a huge variety of products with heterogeneous internal components that have been cataloged by DeviceAtlas, which has taken into account traffic data from tens of thousands of websites. There was a different picture from what we could expect.

Even though media and user attention is focused on top-of-the-range gaming and more expensive products, the band is still dominant on the Net. Just think that the SoC for Android’s most popular smartphones is the Snapdragon 410, followed by close to the Exynos 7420. And the typical amount of RAM installed on the smartphone is 1 or 2 GB, despite the increasing RAM run being continuous.

Device Atlas points out that there are still a lot of devices with 512 MB of RAM, pointing out that the cheapest products are also the most popular. Speaking of chipsets, Qualcomm’s domain is undisputed, as only in Nigeria, among the countries being considered, MediaTek has managed to outpace the California chipmaker.


In some countries, Samsung, with its Exynos chipsets, approaches the rival, but in most cases the distance is abysmal. In Italy, for example after Qualcomm and Samsung, we find HiSilicon, the affiliate that produces the SoCs of most Huawei smartphones, in front of MediaTek.

As for the individual chipsets, it should be noted that Snapdragon 410 dominates mainly from the South American markets, India, Poland and Spain, while in other countries it is not even among the top 5. In the United States and the UK, the first places are busy from Apple products and only the Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 7420 can find a place.

Finally, as the most widely used Android device, according to the DeviceAtlas report, Samsung Galaxy S7, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge variant.




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