25% of Android smartphones had problems in Q2 2017

According to the Blanco Technology Group’s Report of State of Mobile Device Performance and Health, in the second quarter of 2017, an Android smartphone of four had problems .

This is a fairly large quantity, especially if one considers that the iPhone models with problems were around half (12%).

Among the producers most affected by this phenomenon, we find Samsung , with 61% of the problem-free Android models. Korean giant range tops are not exempt from this ranking: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S5, for example, in 6% of the cases presented defects.

The main problems encountered by Android users are performance (25%), USB features (11%), battery recharge (11%), network signal (9%) and screen (3%).

As far as application crashes are concerned, Android main characters were Facebook (12%), Rubric (5%), Google Play Store (4%) and Weather (2%).



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