Here is the app that turns Android smartphones into iPhone X

A developer named damianpiwowarski on Reddit has been inspired by the launch of the new melaphone to create an app that can turn any Android smartphone into an iPhone X.

The app, compatible with Android-based Lollipop (or higher) devices, also allows Google’s hottest fans to turn their smartphone into a Essential Phone PH-1 to please everyone.

There is a warning about Smartphone upgrader 2017 (so called app) on the Play Store and the possibility of harm to people suffering from epilepsy: if you decide to download it, please use it carefully.

The most curious aspect is that this is not the first “absurd” application of the developer, a former author of another pair of masterpieces. If you are interested in turning your smartphone into an iPhone X, you just have to go to the Play Store. Clearly, the app is more a pastime than a utility, so forgive us the ironic thread.

Android app sul Google Play



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