RUN: Jaybird also has completely wireless InEars

RUN: Auch Jaybird hat nun komplett drahtlose InEars


Jaybird has announced the company’s first fully wireless InEars: RUN. The design is meanwhile well known: Bragi uses it, Samsung with the Gear IconX, Beoplay since the IFA also and Jabra sets with the elite sports on the same concept. It seems that this approach is perceived as practical by all possible manufacturers. Only Apple goes with the AirPods another way.

Jaybird is mainly aimed at athletes with its products, and this has consequences. So RUN is water-repellent, sweat can also not affect the earphones. This is made possible by a nanobasing, which is also used with other Jaybird products. RUN comes with various attachments and wingtips in different sizes, the battery power is four hours. Part of the package is – as with all other manufacturers – a loading case that provides enough energy for eight more hours. This means that RUN can be used for up to twelve hours without the need for a charging cable.

It is operated by only one button. The sits in the right earphone, allows control of the music, is used to accept phone calls, and can activate Siri or the Google Assistant. If you are telephoning, the ambient sounds are left in the left earphones. So you want to ensure with Jaybird, that you hear yourself better, which makes telephone calls more pleasant. If your stereo is too much, you can use only one earphone.

Of course, RUN also works with the Jaybird app, which allows you to adjust the sound of the InEars to your own preferences. This preset is stored and can also be used in other Jaybird headphones. New in the app, however, is the Spotify integration, through which playlists of the Jaybird community can be played immediately.

An earphone weighs 6.83 grams.

Jaybird RUN cost 199 euros and are expected to be available in Germany in early October.



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