Windows 10: Microsoft to pieces at the App permissions

Windows 10: Microsoft bessert bei den App-Berechtigungen nach

If the event Creator Update for Windows 10 in mid-October, will change a lot in dealing with Apps – to the Positive. Although current versions of the operating system questions whether the current Position may be released and used. With the Update, a large number of Demands are added. The use of Hardware components such as microphone and camera must be the same as the access to the address book or the calendar.

Automatically however this only works for Apps installed after the Update process on the Computer. For older Apps, the access rights in the settings need to be checked for the privacy manually. An effort that is likely to be worthwhile. And Microsoft actively supports. During the Installation of the update should be explicitly on the settings mentioned. Anyone who has Windows 10 Mobile, you can now enable 2-factor authentication.



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