BlueBorne: 5.3 billion devices with a Bluetooth vulnerability

BlueBorne is a vulnerability in Bluetooth to. make 5.3 billion devices are susceptible to worms. 5.3 billion! Including Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables, and operating systems.

Only protection: If you are only using Bluetooth LE. The special feature: you don’t need to have paired the devices. And infected device can infect other devices. What could be done with the various weak points, in fact there is only the imagination of the respective attacker.

Are affected in addition to Android (except it only uses Bluetooth LE, or has a Security Patch from 9. September 2017, which is likely to have no one), Linux (by the way, also on various Smart TVs), iOS (up to iOS 9.3.5, or Apple TV 7.2.2), Windows (since the day before yesterday, there should be a Patch).

Who is not sure whether his device is infizierbar, it should turn off according to the BSI, Bluetooth. In the case of very many devices, this is likely to restrict, however, the functionality completely.



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